Manhattan Passion 1080 HD обновление прошивки до версии 109.76

Firmware Passion 1080HD Vision_RYGY109.76_080713_AE4C1N0_pz_PVR for Manhattan Passion 1080 HD : Release Note — opens package Tricolor TV. (checked) — Enable biss edit menu (All channel) Was noch genau alles geändert wurde muß ich erst noch nachforschen... Hoffe mal das bald mehr kommen!

Black Hole Vu+ Solo2 2.0.4

What is new ? New: Subtitle Auto Language Support New Skin: MX S Line by Matrix10 Update Hbbtv and opera browser — Support transcoding bit/frame rate change (100K< bitrate< 5M, framerate=23976 24000 29970 30000 59940 60000 ) — Enable SD video when transcoding New Vu+ drivers 20130621 (all): — Fix TS Playback problem — Fix i2c […]

VTi «Vu+ Team Image Solo-2» v.6.0.x — 03.07.2013

From VTi Team VTi Panel (Blue Button)

Black Hole Vu+ Solo2 2.0.0 OE 2

What is new ? New drivers (Solo2) Change feed system with full paths for all machines Update Videomode system plugin Update en translation Black Hole Speed: fully remove the disabled plugins from the system to increase speed and free flash space fix timezones fix bug in system info panel fix bug in device panel fix […]

Black Hole Vu+ Solo2 1.7.9-3

What's new? What's new? 1) New driver: 20121220 — Support tuner A Loop through to B (Configuration = Tuner A : loop through to B, Tuner B : Normal Setup ) — Support remote control system code change. 2) : for internally connect tuner A to B 3) TransCodingSetup : fix locale charset.

Black Hole Vu+ Solo2 1.7.9-2 (Transcoding)

1) New drivers: 17.12.2012 — Fix instability issue — Fix PIP problem — Fix module init problem. — Support Transcoding (Beta) 2) Add trasnscoding streaming plugin (e2), and client (transtreamproxy) 3) Adjust kernel config 4) Various fix on Udb Dtt drivers 5) Ubdate Usbtuner

Обновление прошивки для NEXT YE-2000 SUPER HDTV

Firmware Version_16-02-12 ver.109.57 for NEXT YE-2000 SUPER HDTV:

Прошивка 109.57 для Manhattan Passion 1080 HD

Firmware Passion 1080HD Vision_RYGY109.57_260112_AE4C1N0_pz_PVR for Manhattan Passion 1080 HD :

Пароли доступа клонов Galaxy Innovations GI-890 HD CRCI

GI-S890 CRCI HD Excellence: Red Password: 0000 NEXT YE-2000 SUPER HDTV:Master Password : 8503 Red Password: 1234 KOSCOM HD 7400 CI:Master Password : 7400 Red Password : 7771 Octagon SF-918 : Master Password : 0918, Red Password : 9999 Evolution INFINITY HDTV: Master Password: 9876 (9999), Red Password: 0000 ProSky_HD-S300SCI: Red Password: 0000 ONLIEN LN […]

Поддерживаемые пульты клонов Galaxy Innovations GI-890 HD CRCI