Black Hole прошивка для Vu+

This release is dedicated to the users that like to watch youtube videos and browse the net with their box.

Black Hole Vu+ Solo2

Black Hole Vu+

What is new:
•New drivers 20131224
— Support new HbbTv release
— fix misc bugs.
•New HbbTv release is faster and complete
•New Youtube player embedded within the HbbTv suite
•Updated OpenWebIf
•Added lost source translation strings (thanks to niglou)

To enable the new Youtube player and Opera web browser remember to go to:
blue -> blue -> Black Hole Speed Up ->

BlackHole Opera browser & HbbTv HbbTv update

Black Hole HbbTv & Opera browser HbbTv update

WARNING: On Duo and Uno be sure that you have enough free space in flash before you enable HbbTv.
You should expand your flash with meoboot or parallel universes before you activate HbbTv because if your flash is full, YOUR BOX WILL FREEZE.
HbbTv is not available for Solo.

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