Black Hole Vu+ 2.0.7 имидж для Vu+ Solo 2

Что нового в ver. 2.0.7 ? Update skin to Matrix10 MX S2 Black Hole New drivers 20131023 — Support DVB T2 Tuner (uno, ultimo, duo2) — Support file transcoding (solo2, duo2 : needs an image update) — Fix delivery system bug in vtuner — Fix DDP passthrough (solo2, duo2) [transcoding setup] support filestreamproxy (8003). Update OpenWebInterface [mt7610u] […]

Black Hole Vu+ 2.0.7 Solo2

What is new ?​ New Plugin Net Drive New Coherence UPnP Renderer New Coherence UPnP Server Removed Dlna Djmount client Bh version Removed Minidlna Bh version Added Vu+ Dlna Browser (based on djmount) Added Vu+ Minidlna server Fix and Update MyTube plugin Update lcd4linux Update Openwebif Update all dtt drivers Update TranscodingSetup plugin