Обновление имиджа Black Hole Vu+ 2.0.9 прошивка для Vu+ Solo2

What is new ?​ New bootlogo by mikark Add option: «Preferred tuner» Available in menu->setup->system->customise (Expert mode). Configure which tuner will be preferred, when more than one tuner is available. If set to 'auto' the system will give priority to the tuner having the lowest number of channels/satellites. Black Hole weather: switch to msn provider […]

Обновленный VTi «Vu+ Team Image Solo 2» ver. 6.0.5

From VTi Team ATTENTION: Vu+ Solo2 starts a FPGA upgrade at first reboot after update, please do not power off during the upgrade

Обновление VTi «Vu+ Team Image Solo 2» v.6.0.3

From VTi Team Update: 05.11.2013 — increase image version to VTi 6.0.3 — update dvbapp2 (ver. 2013-11-05) fix simple service list (e.g. at AutoTimer plugin) tiny cosmetics in service list fix bookmark creation for new folders in MovieList use OpenPLi code for picture decoding/rendering --> THX @OpenPLi

DiSEqC+мотор в Golden Interstar GI-890 HD CRCI Excellence — дождались!!!