New Black Hole 3.0.1 OE 3 Image released!

New Black Hole 3.0.1 OE 3

Vu+ Solo2 Black Hole Images 2.1.5

Black Hole 2.1.5​

Vu+ Solo2 Black Hole Images 2.1.4

​By Black Hole What is new in Black Hole 2.1.4:

Vu+ обновил имидж Black Hole Vu+ 2.1.1 для Solo2

​By Black Hole

Black Hole Vu+ обновился имидж для Vu+ Solo2

What is new ?​ Teletext: Fixed and Updated (thanks to dpeddi) OpenWebIf: Fixed and updated BhFastEpg: Fixed [hbbtv/youtubetv] Fixed hanup bug and segmentation fault tuxtxt: implement handlePressedKey and handleKey tuxtxt: handling to keymap.xml Support soloSE on text input. Support soloSE on some plugin. [videomode] enabled Scart for soloSE [HDMICEC, Transcoding] fix for soloSE [videomode] support […]

Обновился имидж Black Hole Vu+ 2.1.0 для Vu+ Solo2

What is new ?​ New skin by Matrix MX X Line New plugin Fast OpenEpg Updated Crossepg to the latest 0.81 version Updated OpenWebIf Drivers update: 20140424 — Fix multichannel audio problem (solo2, duo2) 20140418 — Fix DVB-S2 Single (AVL6211) tuner problem (duo2, ultimo) — Change nim_sockets of DVB-T2 tuner (duo2, needs a E2 update) […]

Обновление имиджа Black Hole Vu+ 2.0.9 прошивка для Vu+ Solo2

What is new ?​ New bootlogo by mikark Add option: «Preferred tuner» Available in menu->setup->system->customise (Expert mode). Configure which tuner will be preferred, when more than one tuner is available. If set to 'auto' the system will give priority to the tuner having the lowest number of channels/satellites. Black Hole weather: switch to msn provider […]

Black Hole прошивка для Vu+

This release is dedicated to the users that like to watch youtube videos and browse the net with their box.

Black Hole Vu+ 2.0.8 прошивка для Vu+

What is new ?​

Комментарии к записи Имидж Black Hole Vu+ Solo 2 очередное обновление отключены

Имидж Black Hole Vu+ Solo 2 очередное обновление

Black Hole что нового в ver. ?​ NEW NEW NEW Black Hole Cross Epg 0.7 version by Andyblac Update skin MX S Line Update Open Webif Update Vuplus-blindscan Add support for ssh108 automatic scan Update transtreamproxy Update driver 20131106 — Fix HDMI hotplug in standby (proc entry is also added) — Support DVB-T2 automatic scan (uno, […]